All pieces come not just with an affordable price but with the quality that Burei watches are known


Gold has always been a symbol of power and wealth. It is classic and timeless. Years later a mixture of gold with a little bit of copper emerged as a symbol of luxury and spending power. Rose gold took the fashion industry by storm and it could be seen everywhere, from jewelry, gadgets, shoes and a whole lot more. Rose gold has become an iconic color.
Another symbol of luxury is leather. It can be both edgy and classic, sexy yet timeless. Leather has a way of making almost anything look expensive.
In the world of watches link watches always have a way of screaming business. Link watches are essential piece in ones watch collection. It’s the perfect accessory when you power dress and that extra touch of class when paired with a casual outfit. Rose gold, leather and link watches, all three scream luxury. All three fit the word glamorous. Glamour is what makes luxury appealing. Glamour is what makes something attractive and has a way of luring everyone in. It is that quality of making something inviting and irresistible.
Everyone deserves glamour in their life, but people always have this feeling that its only for those who can afford it. Well Burei's Arles collection brings glamour with a very reasonable price tag. The Arles Link Rose Gold watch is irresistible and will definitely capture everyone's attention. It has the perfect combination of chrome and rose gold. It's top hour mark is jewel embedded making it even more expensive looking.

The Arles Leather Rose Gold watch combines the 'elegance' and subtleness of rose gold with the edge of a leather strap. Its leather strap is made of calfskin. Not only is it durable but also comfortable compared to some types of leather.  If rose gold is a bit intimidating to you, then the Arles leather silver watch is the perfect dress watch for you. Its face still as elegant and intricate as the two-toned version with rose gold details, but a bit more classic and conservative in terms of color as it sticks to silver and chrome.
Of course glamour is for the ladies too and the Arles collection features two designs specifically for the ladies. Although of course the above mentioned designs are unisex and would also look good on a woman's wrist, these two black designs for ladies are more custom in size for ladies' wrists. The perfect mix of edgy, with a beautiful rich black center and with a choice between a more formal link watch variant or a more casual leather strap one.
All pieces come not just with an affordable price but with the quality that Burei watches are known for. Sapphire coated glass that is scratch resistant and casing made of surgical steel. Also forward in technology as it makes use of the quartz miyota movement.
These watches can also be customized as one is free to have it engraved. Get that extra dose of glamour in your life with a Burei watch.

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