Look Best on Your Big Day


Once you’ve found the perfect dress and suit for your wedding day it is now the time to accessorize. Whether you're the groom, the bride, part of the entourage, or a guest, you'll be sure to find the right watch to complete your attire on the Big Day!
Just like the ticking of the clock, the countdown to the wedding is rapidly approaching out of your notice. Have you been exhausted looking shop to shop to find the right watch for you? It may be tempting to rush to the nearest store but it is best to do online shopping.  We understand your struggle, here in BUREI we got you covered with options that will surely spark your preferences in a convenient way. It is not a surprise that sometimes an aisle transforms into a runway real quick because of the fashionable tuxedos and suits, designer’s wedding dresses, shiny shoes and high-heel sandals with the most fashionable accessories.

BUREI’s latest released Sovereign watches come in handy specially during formal events. Infused with the newest “citizen" Miyota Automatic collection it became the new talk of the town featuring wide variety of designs for every occasion. Whether you wanted a silver, black, or gold band it is up to you with its sapphire glass dial that made it scratch and scrape resistant. Feel free to wear this watch whether you are attending the wedding ceremony to going to a reception party.

During weddings, various ways of documentation are happening. Even the tiniest details of the couple’s accessories were being shoot, so that includes watches 'worn by' the couple. Whether we admit it or not wedding fashion is a must in groom and bride. It is the most essential part in the preparation of wedding. Sovereign timepiece adds a subtle accent to an outfit, without dominating the scene.

BUREI believes that choosing the right watches are not just an accessory for fashion statement but also a necessity. The good thing about this watch brand is that you can customize it with an engravement of your wedding date or your wedding hashtag which is popular nowadays in social media. Designs come in a wide variety of styles tailored for anyone’s individual option.

Who never wants to look best on a wedding day?  Compelled to wear something that will say a lot about your personality and be confident on your big day. Sometimes the main wardrobes are bit more easier to choose, on the other hand accessories can be tougher to narrow down. BUREI offers timepiece that are all wedding appropriate.

Sovereign automatic watch adds the perfect finishing touch to the grooms suit, and it’s a great accent to make the groom stand out not just in personal but also in photos. The  watch that perfectly suits every fashion-forward person.

Be one of the incredibly dressed person in a wedding by letting BUREI help you in putting together your #BigDayAttire. Mix casual and classy with the latest Sovereign collection. The kind of watch that is comfy and instagram-worthy!

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