Anyone have any experience with BUREI Watches?


Yes, most of their models are quartz, but they seem reasonably priced. The fancy grey face model is what draws me to them, pretty unique yet somehow not tacky. I gravitating towards the fancy grey.


I like mine. Definitely fancy grey. Fits on the wrist nicely. Definitely fancy grey not black as you can see. Finish is excellent!


Was really considering one because of the cheap price and the specs for the watch (top quality milanese band, crystal case) seemed really nice for the price. But you also have to think, there has to be something up if its that good. Too good to be true.

Yes, i have them both, and they are well build and for the price, they are a still.


How accurate are they? They are accurate, I havent set them up since i have got them 1 + year ago, between these or SCEPTER as a dress watch.

I thought you would ask that does anyone know of any budget watches under $25? My first thought is the BUREI fancy grey model, a kind of dressed up Japanese quartz movement. I think it looks pretty darn good for the price.


And actually Im a recent "watch lover". My first two watches I got through the first Filippo Loreti Kickstarter campaign. I was quite happy with them but after doing some reading I now understand that they were just a successful marketing campaign, similar to Beats headphones. My most recent watch is the Seiko Presage Cocktail SRPB43J1, which Im very happy with.

Currently Im looking for my next buy and last night I stumbled onto BUREI. I think some of their models look amazing, specially the SCEPTER, Fancy grey, and ARLES LEATHER SILVER.

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