An uncompromising effort to exceed expectations. An incredible focus on the customers needs. The most competitive pricing you can find online. 

BUREI is a leading fashion retailer in watches.

BUREI is an extremely creative and imaginative brand. Let everyone enjoy the delight of owning a masterpiece by manufacturing high-quality and affordable fashion watches is what BUREI has been doing.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the best prices, most varied selection, and finest customer service. Throughout the past three decades we’ve committed to innovation in both the fashion and technological landscape.

Our goal has and always will be to earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Our customer service specialists are always ready to assist, and our state of the art New York City fulfillment center is always capable of swiftly delivering products to over 150 countries.

Should you have any comments or questions, we are available to assist via phone, live chat or email! 

Remember, all transactions are digitally encrypted using the latest technologies and we never share your information.

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