Burei LEVANTE WATCH: The watch you can choose for your debut


For some ritual, such as induction, marriage or a specific commemoration and so on, will choose to buy a watch that perhaps can be worn for a lifetime, then the choice is bound to be a traditional, safe and unobtrusive style, the first choice must also be the best to sell is the mass face models. And on this basis, the brand needs to have a certain mass base, the quality should be reliable, before it will appear on the ordinary consumer's choice list. And after meeting all these conditions, the Burei LEVANTE collection would definitely be a great choice.

A newcomer to the world of work, fresh out of school, needs a watch that is "durable", meaning that it will look good today, but will not be out of date ten years from now. A timeless style is one that looks good today, but will look good in ten years.
The criteria for an elegant dress watch for young people entering the workplace are well met.

The LEVANTE collection has a wide range of models, so if you want to be discreet, choose the black dial, and if you want to be versatile, choose the clean and crisp egg white dial.

The metal strap is an important part of the burei's design, with the outer links satin-finished and the middle links satin-finished, and the folding clasp uses a security lock similar to that of the sports models, so adding a sporty facts to the dressy style. And this happens to be another added value for the mass watch-buying consumer: a workplace accessory that can be worn for years, while not being limited to the workplace, but also useful for everyday wear and casual occasions, isn't that what the mass consumer values most? Get more added value on a limited budget.

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