We don’t believe in passing trends, fast fashion’s short attention span, or following the status quo. That’s why we design timeless silhouettes built to endure. We like to think we’re here to make future classics that evolve with you and your sense of style.


Technical Innovations in Comfort

Our products look AND feel really damn good. We constantly source & craft greener innovations and develop new materials to create sneakers that are lightweight, durable and come with that perfect already broken-in fit.


  Built to Last

Longevity and mindful consumption is the name of the game. The only true way to achieve authentic sustainability is increasing the lifespan of our products. This way, you get quality over quantity and consume fewer, superior products.



Reducing Waste

We endeavor to recycle and reuse excess materials during our sneaker-making process. For example, every piece of rubber that doesn’t end up in our outsoles is recycled and used in the next pair. We are currently developing a recycling program to eliminate organic cotton canvas waste.





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