What is an exhibition case back watch and why do we love them too much?
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By BUREI | 12 September 2019 | 0 Comments

What is an exhibition case back watch and why do we love them too much?

With time the fashion styles keep changing. We live in an era where being fashionable is quite important. Having pieces of stuff that goes for both the casual as well as formal settings is the most important thing. For a fashionable dress, a perfect watch completes the entire setup. Wristwatches play an important role in making you look complete. There are a lot of wristwatches that you can choose from these days. Some of the famous ones are chronographs, Automatic, sports gear and whatnot. However, the exhibition case back watches goes with every setting. One of the major stores that are known to sell exceptional case back watches is the Burei Online store. It was founded by Allen Jay, a famous Italian business professional. Being an enthusiastic watch collector, certain back watches certainly blew my mind which has simple mechanical setup. Below are some of the famous back watches that I prefer for my casual as well as formal settings.  
Dark Roman Rose Gold Watch
It is at the top of my list when it comes to the exhibition back watches. It is quite ideal for people who are looking for a watch with delicate proportions. The dial consists of roman numbers and is available in both black as well as the white metal face. It also comes in a subtle tone rose gold, silver color version. The leather band is made out of pure calf leather and can be replaced by using a band remover tool making it an interchangeable version as and when needed. The watch features a Japanese Miyota quartz movement along with the day-date features. It goes perfectly with both the formal as well as casual setup. So, guys if you are looking for something simple, then this mechanical piece is a perfect choice.

White beach Leather
With a subtle and clean design, it is next in line when it comes to back watches collection, Burei watches online store makes a point through this piece and I must state that it provides the maximum comfort. It makes the person look smart and youthful which is quite needed these days. Having the scratch and water-resistant tag, the sleek white dial along with the vibrant colored strokes, I must state that it a perfect choice when it comes to mechanical back watches.

So guys, if you want to buy an exhibition back watches, then Burei Watches online store is the one place where one needs to look for.  


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