Uncovering Watches: understand your crystals of watches
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Uncovering Watches: understand your crystals of watches

'Latest luxury watch with Sapphire crystals', 'watch geared with healing crystals'
The brand often flaunts the crystals in their watches, but what exactly crystals are? And what is the difference between all the names we listen to? A crystal is a glass-like structure which goes in making the 'face of watch'
Crystals have a transparent appearance and a certain amount of toughness within them. The transparency to infer time and toughness for withstanding wear and tear.
Over the course of time of evolution in horology, a lot of materials have been as crystals, however, watchmakers have now zeroed to three primary categories of watch crystals.
Invented in the twentieth century and popular with names like Perspex, plexiglass or hesalite, acrylic crystals are the oldest and the most used crystals of the luxury watch industry.
Acrylic crystals are quite popular owing to the non-glare vintage looks it gives to a watch. The crystal adds the good-old-days feeling to a watch. Moreover, acrylic is strong enough to not break that easily.
Acrylic is an excellent crystal but is so easy to get a scratch, however, do not worry in such case as acrylic are cheap to produce and easy to replace.
Mineral crystals are made by silica glass. It is heated with minerals at a very temperature resulting in an amalgamation of mineral and glass which is sturdy and high quality which has made the most popular in homology these days.
Mineral crystals can go on for long with little care but are prone to breakage and scratches. The crystals are also comparatively expensive than acrylic crystals.
When scathed, the best option is to replace them without a second thought.
Sapphire crystal is the kind of crystal in the watch industry. Just like its name, it is really made up of Sapphire but synthetic one which is manufactured in a lab. Sapphire crystals are thus expensive.
A stalwart in exertion, the watch is more prone to scratch than breakage. The only way to crush it is when you literally bang with the watch's face. The disadvantage of this high-end crystal is its glare and high reflectivity. But with an AR(anti-reflection) film, the issue is solved. This film makes the crystal almost invisible under the right light.
Watches are more than just the dial and straps, each and every integrates has a story behind it, so now as you know the story, why not buy one to create your own version of the story. Burei watched offer a complete range of watches, with right from acrylic to sapphire crystals and many more. Burei watches also offer the best price for the luxe watches you want, visit Burei watches to get your preferred watch.

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