Burei Fancy Grey Silver Milanese: Classy, Durable, Affordable Watches
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By BUREI | 14 August 2019 | 0 Comments

Burei Fancy Grey Silver Milanese: Classy, Durable, Affordable Watches

Burei, one of the leading watchmakers in the world fused grace and style with affordability in its latest Fancy Grey Silver Milanese watch.  Our new product carries a charismatic charm of attraction that will fit your outfit on any occasion.  The new Milanese watch features a low profile and classicdesign that guarantees grace for any environment.  We ensure that it will look soothing and beautiful in your hand.  

Our Burei Fancy Grey Silver Milanese can be purchased at an affordable price of $25.99.  Our company offers a 20% discount on all our products. Despite being cheap, we guarantee durability and beauty.  You can choose your color. It comes in a silver-Milanese black case, white, black, dark grey, and silver Milanese case.  You can also customize the look of your purchase. You can change the lettering position, the color, and the font size.  You can also customize the text content of the watch.  

The case material for the Burei watch is made of stainless steel with a case thickness of 6.6 mm, a band length of 178 mm, and weight of 62 grams.  Its watch casting is made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel with a 41mm diameter. We assure the durability of our product.  It is protected by a scratch and scrape resistant mineral crystal glass.  

Out stylish Milanese watch was made great without sacrificing comfort.  The new Burei Milanese watch features a very precise Japanese Miyota Quartz movement along with a date function. The watch will look good, matching your clothing on any occasion.  We are sure that you will love its simple and clean look. It will feel luxurious in your wrist.  

The product gained positive reviews from critics and clients, with a 5.0 average approval rating.  All of the review said that the watch looks gorgeous despite its cheap price.  They said that its weight and design guarantee that you keep track of time anywhere and whatever you’re doing.  They also said that they can move freely with the Milanese band.  They all guaranteed that the watch’s weight is worry-free. The reviews noted that you can wear the watch on any occasion even when you are working out.  They all appreciated the product’s precision quartz module movement.   They all claimed that it is very cool and stylish.

The reviews recommend its durability especially its scratch-resistant feature.  Reviews mentioned the beauty and grace of our product.  They said that it looks beautiful and very expensive and it generally fits any outfit they wear.
Reviews also mentioned that the width of the watch’s bracelet is easy to adjust. They also love it because it is lightweight and sleek.  Our clients said that they always hear compliment whenever they are wearing it.  

Feel free to contact us for your purchases.  You simply need to sign up on our website if you are interested.  Purchase now and experience the comfort and grace of our watch.  You can also scan our website for other Burei products and avail our 20% discount.  Sign up and be part of the Burei family for free.


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