A Representative of Independence and Calmness: KREMS CRYSTAL CERAMIC WATCH IN BLACK
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By BUREI | 30 June 2020 | 0 Comments

A Representative of Independence and Calmness:KREMS CRYSTAL CERAMIC WATCH IN BLACK

Compared to pure white, black represents calmness and nobility. When black is used as a base color, it can be a foil to any other color, and harmony, order and depth are reflected in the combination. When black is the dominant color, it represents the stable side of your personality. For more formal occasions, such as an interview, it is the perfect choice for a secure and classy look.

The women's KREMS black ceramic crystal watch under the BUREI brand has a different face from the usual watches. Crystals denote numbers, and smaller, shimmering crystals are set around the dial, with a stainless steel ring in pink gold. The understated black is complemented by the shimmering crystals, with the added luxury of pink gold. The body of the watch is beautiful enough to be unique.

The colour scheme of the bracelet and the dial, which is based on the same combination of pink gold and crystals, is harmonious and complete.

If white is light and bright, black is calm and independent. Black is power, reliability and tolerance. May all women have a heart as strong as black! The ability to support oneself and to give to others.

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