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Add Custom Engraving Easily
 Have A Watch That is Just You

     Don't know how to choose the color of watch? Feeling unsure about a simple or sophisticated style? Afraid wearing the same watch as others? Nowadays, wrist watches do not show any special taste of gift, they look cheap or everybody owns model, so they don't provide those lovely gift giving feelings. But you still need to pick a unique gift for him/her, and we can help, each one includes special fabrication designed with you in mind. Besides, the most profound expression way is by words, let this deep friendship lasts forever in the world.

     BUREI always thinks about what really makes you, you. Versatile, playful, practical, no matter what product is. No matter when the times is. No matter which class you are in. Customization makes yours unique. BUREI keeps paths with the whole world as well as you.



     Please add 2-3 business days to shipping times listed at checkout for customized watches, 

     All customized watches are in line with BUREI warranty. Please double check your customization details as customized watches are final and non-refundable. Please contact with any questions.

    *Only SCEPTER, LEVANTE MEN, ROMAN NUMERAL, ARLES, FANCY GREY series are avaliable for customization right now.

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