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BUREI Watches 17005

What comes into your mind when you see a classic, luxurious designed watch? Most people would say that it's everyone's dream, except for having a diamond ring, but some of them would say that it's just too expensive. Yes, all of the answers are correct, you want it yet too expensive. A watch is a big part of fashion; with its existence it can give formality in your everyday OOTD's, that’s why BUREI watches think a fabulous offer a classic, luxurious look designed watch with high quality and most of all with affordable price. You heard it right you can now experience a glamorous looking watch with BUREI watches.


Customer review
arthur l
April 28, 2019
Amazing watch for the price, feels of quality, looks very professional and not 'cheesy' or cheap at all. Looks great with both business and casual attire. The watch also comes in very nice looking box, with an instruction manual in English that is detailed and easy to understand. Arrived on time as scheduled (in Costa Rica no less). Great experience and highly recommended, I'm sure I will be purchasing more watches from BUREI and this seller in the future.
April 28, 2019
After looking around for a while, the watch market is hugely overpriced, with watches costing as much as a new car. Finally I found this watch and gave it a try, and I was not disappointed. Took a little bit to understand how each mechanism works, but once you figure it out it's fairly simple to use. It fits my wrist well despite being a large guy, and looks great. I bought this watch moreso for fashion than functionality, but despite that it seems to perform well in both fields. Highly recommended, will check out watches from this brand in the future.