BUREI watch,Father's Day

BUREI & Father's Day

The father's eyes, not looking at you all the time.
But it always captures your growth and change.

Father's brain, and sometimes insomnia.
Because he's concerned about how you're doing, even want to be with you every moment.

Every time you see father's shoulder, it's wide and smooth.
and it can catch your every pitch.

At the critical moment , father's hands allways give you help and strength.

This time, express your love in a father's way.
The vibration frequency of each BUREl watch'squartz crystal resonator is precisely calibrated at 32768 Hz.Each time the quartz crystal vibrates 32768 times, the second hand moves for 1 second, Bringing ultra-precise time keeping.It likes father's love , everytime you ask for and everytime he gives to you precisely.
Let Father receive every precise answer from you.