4 Exquisite BUREI Watches

4 Exquisite BUREI Watches We Cant Get Enough Of

May 22, 2018

Social settings, get-togethers, boardroom meetings, reunions – there is no companion more dependable than a wristwatch. A timepiece – be it a digital, automatic, alarm, or a compass watch – does more than just telling the time, it reflects your interests and priorities. No wonder there is so much emphasis given to choosing a watch that best matches your personality. If you are looking for a luxurious timepiece to suit your polished taste and sense of style, you are bound to find a match among an array of BUREI watches.

Over the years, BUREI has established itself as a trusted name in the field of timekeeping, known for its embodiment of sophistication and elegance in every model. BUREI watches boast of best-in-class functionality and quality, brought to life with gorgeous designs.

An exquisite timepiece not only reflects a persons personality but is also an insight into their sense of style. You can tell so much about a persons values and priorities by the watch they adorn – be it modern, sporty, vintage or classic. Unbeatable performance, breathtaking aesthetics, and beautiful packaging invariably make BUREI a symbol of luxury and status. To make things even sweeter, you have the option to choose from a wide range of exquisite watches for men and women, available at leading on line retailers such as Amazon, Sears.

4 BUREI Watches We Cant Get Enough Of

Here is a list of our top 4 BUREI womens and mens watches that are guaranteed to make it to your list of favorites as well:

For Women:


1. Noble Pearl 

When we imagine luxury in a watch, this is it. The BUREI Noble Pearl is a elegant timepiece with carefully selected diamonds and a stunning white dial. The bracelet is lightweight and flexible, connected to a resilient mineral crystal case. The colors and shape of the watch is a personation of todays modern lady – graceful, classy and sophisticated. The best part about this timepiece is that it will look good on every wrist. It gets a universally desirable appeal by the Nebula design and elegant palate.


2. BUREI Diamaster

A stylish feminine watch is the equivalent of a black LBD – there is no way it can ever go out of style. With its understated minimalist appeal, the BUREI Diamaster is ideal for the woman who makes her presence felt in the boardroom just as she does on the dance floor. It has an easily readable dial with four exquisite diamonds, adding to its functional yet elegant charm. The wristwatch comes with a special date feature and beautiful brown band.

For Men:

3. BUREI Coupole Classic 

This timepiece from the BUREI Coupole series has a steel strap in the never failing color combination of silver and gold. One look at the watch and you are going to be reminded of days gone by – dreamy vintage style and strong, definitive features. Its the perfect pick for anyone who appreciates evergreen aesthetics and classy design. No matter your age, you are definitely going to be game for this kind of throwback.

4. BUREI Mechanical

If you are a man who does not fear to be true to himself, this ones for you. BUREI has successfully managed to challenge the status quo with this awe-inspiring model. BUREI Mechanical is a unique, high tech watch with a solid, sapphire crystal case. It has a flexible, comfortable leather band that will feel nothing short of second skin – that is how lightweight and comfortable it is. There is absolutely no compromise on ease and style with this one.

There are some watches that you can never get enough of and we have listed our absolute favorites. Take your pick and find a companion in the perfect BUREI watch. www.bureiwatches.com